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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Why my DH is baking a cake!!

It's our Village Show this weekend, and there is a class for men's baking, he's suddenly decided he's going to enter.  He has the recipe for a chocolate cake, I've got everything out for him, switched on the oven, lined the cake tins told him the order of things (even though everything is clearly stated).  I've left him in the kitchen but he keeps coming in and asking is this right - what do I do now.  So keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well, and that the kitchen doesn't burn down. MEN!!
 Anyway DH and myself are going to have busy weekend as we are both on the committee so we have to help set it all up, and generally help with everything else.  I have to make 2 coffee walnut cakes for the teas, but I'll do that tomorrow.  I'll take some photos for you to see, but I think the number of entries will be down because of the dreadful weather this summer.
I have finished this competition piece that June set us in our club, made a little cushion from it.  I'm not sure if I like the blue pom poms, too late now they are all sewn on, but I'm getting used to it, and think it is quite cute. 

 This is the back, I bought the material on one of the trips to Shepton Mallett that June, I and two other friends make once a year, we have been visiting this craft show for quite a few years.  We always find something new and different to buy.  We are due to go to another show in Exeter at the end of September, we've been doing this for years and thoroughly love it.

I have finished this other piece, it's a little bag by Polstitchers, they suggest using it for needles, this is the front, followed by the back and when it is open.  I enjoyed doing it, but I'm glad it's finished. 

I have started cross stitching some little pressies for Christmas, time and tide wait for no man or woman, so I've started.  I guess that when I come back from holidays I shall start making Christmas puddings and mincemeat, I don't know if I shall make a Christmas cake or not, but what ever they all need time to mature.

He (DH) has just come in 'can I check the cake is cooked' well it is.It looks and smells good, He just has to get it out of the tins and on to the cooling rack without breaking it!

Back to Christmas, I reckon when I come back next time, I'm coming back as a man at Christmas time, as it is hard work for a woman all the cooking , shopping, cleaning, cards and wrapping presents, or it is in my home.  Where did I go wrong?

Thankyou for visiting my blog, love hearing from you, apologies for still not getting the reply bit sorted out yet.  Have fun!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

What were you doing when you were 16?

My DGD No. 3 is 16 years old today, which made me think what was I doing, I had met my husband to be and was generally having fun.  I certainly wasn't sat down during the evening sewing!!

Thought I would show you how far I have got with this piece of sewing, all the beads have been sewn on, you may not be able to spot them as they are very tiny and glittery.  I just have to sew it together and 'hey presto' it will be finished.  Seems to have taken me ages to finish.

This is a new rose that I bought this year, it is a David Austin rose called Charlotte, couldn't resist it, as one of DGD's is called Charlotte.  I wish you could smell it,as it has a delicate perfume and a lovely cheery colour.

At the beginning of the year my DS and his partner helped us to re-do our pond, as my DH said he can't keep getting down on his knees to check out the pump etc., so they built it up so that it is about 2/3 feet above the ground.  Everything was fine, plants getting established and the fish were ok, then along comes a cat, who must have sat on the edge put in a paw and hoicked out a fish and left it on the ground.  You can imagine we were not happy bunnies, I am thinking about buying a water pistol and if I see a cat near the pond it will get a quick squirt of water.

These are some of my dahlias you can tell I have not been out gardening, as they haven't been dead headed, (please don't tell on me).  I am hoping that there will be some ok for our village show.  I don't think we shall have many entries this year because of the terrible weather, though my DH said his onions are quite good.  We'll wait and see.

This is one dahlia that is ok, it's called Bryn Terfel, after the welsh opera singer.  I hope you enjoy looking at photos of my garden and some of the flowers, can't give you a bouquet, so I hope these photos will do.

Many many thanks to all of you who sent me good wishes, I am feeling tons better.  I have an appointment with my specialist next week.  You cheered me up so much, I'm sure that helped me.

Anyway on to happier things the two of us are off on holiday soon to Malta, it's coming up to a special wedding anniversary for us.  We thought a couple of weeks in the sun (hopefully)
was well deserved.  We have been to Malta before and enjoyed it, the people are so friendly there.  I shall be on the lookout for a craft shop, so wish me luck in my search.

Thankyou for visiting my blog, you are always very welcome so please come again.  Take care until we meet again.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Would you 'Adam and Eve' it!!

There I was going along as usual and my Crohns disease flared up, so my DGD No 1 rushed me into hospital, they kept me in and gave me the necessary medical care for which I was extremely grateful.  I am home again now, but feeling a bit wishy washy (sounds like a pantomime character).  My DH is looking after me, I am not allowed to do a thing except get well again.  The staff at the hospital were great, not only with their skill but also a sense of humour which I consider an essential to get through life.  Where would we be without the NHS?  To cap it all, I have just received my appointment to go for the 3 yearly mammogram, that's going to be fun when I go next week.  Oh - did I mention the scan I had showed I have 1 kidney smaller than the other which has been causing me problems.  Apart from that I am pretty ok, this old age thing should be banned, if it doesn't drop off or fall south it just stops working!!!

Enough of all that, the main consequence is that I have not done any sewing of late, so I really have to get into catch up mode.  The village show is getting closer and I have to sew up the baby's cardigan and finish that piece of stitching, but I refuse to panic.  My DH says that I am so laid back sometimes that it's a wonder I don't fall over.

I did manage to go outside and take a photo of another Lily, they are beautiful and the scent is to die for.  Just don't get any of the pollen on anything it's a so and so to get rid of.  I was going through my photos to find something to put on my blog and found a couple that I took a couple of years ago.  I took them from one of our bedroom windows, I thought they were pretty, a reminder of what is to come.  I know we don't get anything like the snow some of you get.

The top photo shows part of my garden and 3 of my neighbours cottages, they are thatched cottages, and are very pretty, but my DH says he wouldn't like to live in one because of the risk of fire, I wouldn't say no.

This is a view over part of my village looking towards the River Teign and the hills beyond, I just caught the sunset and its reflection in the river.  June lives about 2/3 miles up river.  The larger house to the right used to be the Alms Houses, it is now divided into 4 flats for pensioners and is now known as Church Houses.

I did stay up and watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics, that was a marathon, I thought most of the acts were ok, did you see Muse, they come from the town 2 miles down river from me.  The singer Matt Bellamy bought a large house for his Mum and Grandmother here in the village.  I thought Eric Idle was funny, his song should be our motto 'Always look on the bright side of life'.  Roll on Rio!  We do have the Para Olympics to look foward to in a couple of weeks.

I hope you will forgive me for not checking my blog friends posts recently, please don't give up on me, I know some of you have been unable to reply to me, I am doing something wrong on the set up, I will check into it when my brain starts working fully.  Thankyou for visiting my blog, whether you are an old or new friend, you are all very welcome.  Try to get back to you a little sooner next time, so take care of yourselves.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Are you watching the Olympics?

Hi everyone, lovely to be back chatting with you all again.  We have had torrential rain again which has caused flooding in places.  Thank goodness I live on a hill and I don't have that problem.  The rain has done even more damage in the garden, luckily these lilies have survived - just - but you can see drops of rain on the petals.

I can't remember the names of them, but they are beautiful, I have them in big pots.  This is very useful because if you have a bare spot in the garden, plonk in the pots and instant flowers.  I am not just a pretty face you know!!!!!!!!!!!  Any way I thought they would cheer you all up. 

Back to the Olympics, aren't they exciting to watch.  The dedication of all the competitors to their particular sport is just mind blowing.  The fitness levels they have to achieve and how they do it is tremendous.  Naturally I am chuffed at how the GB team is doing, but I also enjoy watching people from less well know countries taking part, I was going to say from smaller countries but you can't get much smaller than UK.  I don't know which is my favourite sport as they are all great in their own way.  The TV has been on for hours going from one event to another, in the end you just have to go outside and grab some fresh air

I am still stitching, the piece above is something that June at the club has asked us to do for a competition amongst the members.  Still got a long way to go, things are starting to pile up I have to get  2 pieces for our village show finished, I could panic if I thought about it.  Our village show is on 1st September and another show in Kingsteignton the following week.

This is another piece I am working on, I now have to sew beads and buttons on it and sew it all together, I promise to show you a photo of it when finished.  Which I hope won't be too long.  Why don't I choose the easy option in life and just dawdle along, no I can't do that and I bet you are the same.

Had a family party yesterday, it was my nephew's silver wedding anniversary, we had a delicious buffet lunch and lots of fizz.  Luckily GD's 1 and 2 fetched and carried us yesterday so I could have a drink.  No I am not an alcoholic!!  Just enjoy a drink or two , especially on a day like yesterday.  My DH has decided as he missed his Sunday roast yesterday he would like a roast today, luckily he enjoys cooking so he is the chef today.  Whoopee, so I shall be stitching and watching the Olympics.  Whose a lucky girl?

Here I go - sewing coming out, TV being switched on.  Thankyou for visiting my blog, I hope you will come again as I do enjoy seeing your comments and visiting your blogs to see what you are all up to.  There is some beautiful work being done by all of you, it inspires me.