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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Thinking of Christmas' past!

You know how it is you start thinking of friends and family that have left us.  I am a war baby (the second world war - just in case you had any doubt!) so things were in short supply, my Mum used to iron the christmas wrapping paper for use next year and roll up the string to re-use.  Our christmas dinner was a chicken, which was a real treat, we used to have a large tin of fancy biscuits, but we were never allowed to go onto the bottom layer until the top layer was finished, even if the biscuits left weren't very appealing.  Can you remember early in the morning feeling with your foot at the bottom of the bed to see if Father Christmas had left you something, and yes I did have an orange in the toe of my stocking, fruit was in very short supply, Mum told me that the first time I saw a banana I tried to eat the skin as well.  How Mum used to give us such great time I don't know, she must have saved and collected things for ages quite a challenge.  Surprising what you can do when you have to. Very different to now, we are so lucky and we mustn't forget it. 

Had a great day with the scouts in the village the other day, we planted over 100 trees (saplings) we are looking to the future.  My youngest granddaughter is in the front of this photo, she absolutely loves scouting and the things they get up to.


Here they all are after planting a Royal Oak!!  Just think they will be able to tell their grandchildren that they planted these trees!
Thought you may like to see a couple of pieces I did a couple of years ago, I love beading especially at christmas, it just gives that little bit extra.  How are you all getting on, finished your cards and present shopping?  I've decided to have a go at making Gingerbread Men this year, bought my cutter just have to find a recipe.
I still have to get out my decorations, 2 of my granddaughters have volunteered.  (I haven't told them yet), but I'm sure they will jump at the chance.
It is getting colder here, been having frosty mornings but the weatherman tells us there is more rain to come, can you believe it.
Thankyou for visiting me, and a warm welcome to new visitors I hope you have enjoyed coming.  Take care everyone and don't get too panicky abouit christmas I am sure everything will work out just fine.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Just remembered

I haven't hung up my Advent Calendar yet, this is what comes of all the grandchildren growing up.  But I bet when they call the first thing they will ask is, Nan where is the Advent calendar.  It is one I made a few years ago, it has different designs to hang on each red button, (supposed to look like berries).

Juat back from a week in Cardiff, lovely shops so I managed to get some Christmas shopping done.  The streets are all decorated with light and Christmas trees, they even have an ice rink outside the civic buildings, they also have an outdoor market selling all kinds of christmassy things, including delicious food.  The city has lots of arcades, some of them are very old and have little specialist shops, I found a great button shop in Castle Arcade, so if you are ever in Cardiff you must pay a visit.  You can just see it on the right hand side of my DH, who is so patient when I discover a shop like this, he wanders around whilst I am looking.
This is one of the outer walls of Cardiff Castle.
This is another of the really old arcardes.  They have also built some modern ones, the latest St Davids has a selection of the more exclusive shops, nice to look at!


I've been busy since I've come home, just sunk in how near Christmas is, I've made a couple of dozen mincepies and a stollen.  I freeze the mincepies raw and cook them fresh when needed.  I burnt the top of the stollen a little, so when I take it out of the freezer, I'll cheat and take off the burnt bit and cover with icing and flaked almonds.  It's not good getting older if you don't get wiser.

Here is the first tray of mincepies ready for the freezer.

Sorry this photo is so blurry, it's the stollen going for it's 2nd proving, I've put sultanas and dried apricots and cranberries in it, (could they be thought of as jewels) plus of course the marzipan.

Before I went away I had a great evening at our club's Christmas party, this is June and Liz choosing the loveliest decorated present.  The winner had 2 gingerbread men as part of the decoration (they didn't last long).

This is Vi who has just won a prize, we tease each other non stop, but laughter helps the world go round.
I think I have caught up with all my news, going shopping again tomorrow, must remember sellotape and more Christmas cards.  In my next life I am coming back as a man at Christmas.  Thankyou for visiting me, not much sewing this time even though I am sewing every evening and loving it.  Looking forward to meeting with you all again soon in Blog land