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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Good news!!  I have finished that bag, I thought the day would never come, I shan't be making another for a while.  The colours have not come out that well on this photo but it gives you an idea.

I suppose the moral to this story is don't throw it out of the window - persevere!!

This is just to show you how far I have got with this piece of stitching, it seems to be taking me ages. (It needs ironing)  I added up the other day how many pieces I have got on the go and it is 5 it was 6 but I finished that bag!  Just started a new exchange, it's great fun sorting out the pattern and material and then all the lovely threads, putting them all in a box ready to start.  Is it the anticipation that excites us ?  Whatever it's great.  I bet you are the same going through your stash and reminding yourself what you have.

This is GD No. 2, going off to her prom.  I was so proud of her she looked beautiful (I know I am biased).  Even all the lads looked smart in their suits, it was great to see the next generation starting out on their journey through life.  Maddi is going to College in September she wants to work with animals, interested in zoo work.  She is a very feminine girl, keen on fashion etc etc,  how she will cope with animal poo I don't know.

These are the shoes she wore, how she danced the night away in these, I do not know.  She said they had a fantastic time, oh to be young.  But not in these shoes.

I am going to start on my exchange piece now, as it has to be finished soon and I don't want to be late.  I have great fun choosing things and stitching for exchanges even when you are rushing around to get it finished.

I will just say this about the weather, apparently because we have such awful weather here in the UK and the weather is so hot in the US is because of the jet stream!!  The experts don't know why they're just guessing.  So now you know why.  All I know is my poor garden is suffering, the roses are just rotting on the stems, and a lot of my clematis are dying back.

I hope all my friends here in blog land are well, it's so lovely to be with you all again, and welcome to any new followers.  As Bruce Forsyth used to say 'it's nice to see you - to see you nice'.


  1. Such a beautiful GD you have Janet. Quite the shoes! My flowers are so thirsty here! Your bag is great. :) Could you please give me your email address Janet? my address is

  2. Your project bag, your stitching, & your GD are all beautiful! Ah yes ... oh to be young : )

  3. Congratulations on finishing the bag. The stitched piece looks great and your GD is lovely. Those shoes are pretty but I can't imagine walking around in them (let alone dancing) for too long. I wear flats the majority of the time and it felt funny the other day when I put on a pair of slips on with a heel.

  4. The bag looks great.
    Your GD looks lovely.Love the colour.Those shoes,i never know how they manage to walk in them.i tried DD's,and walked a bit like Bette Midler and Lily Savage. ;)

  5. Well done on finishing your beautiful bag Janet, it's beautiful.
    Your GD looks so beautiful hope she had a great time , lovely shoe's those were the days the higher the better, now it's how flat they are. hugs.

  6. Love the bag ~ especially those sheep! And your stitchy piece looks lovely.
    Your granddaughter is beautiful ~ wow, I never could have danced in those shoes!
    Shall we trade some heat for some rain?

  7. Your grandaughter is very beautiful and i love the colour of her dress, as for the shoes, maybe once a VERY long time ago i would have worn them, now i prefer my slippers LOL

    The bag looks super, well done.

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog Janet, i am not able to reply to you from that as you have your setting to 'no reply'. I loved the Maeve Binchy book, a lovely story about 4 strangers in Greece and what transpires during their time there.

  9. lovely pictures of beautiful subjects =D
    your granddaughter is so beautiful, and is so courageous to dance with such shoes !
    you did the best thing in persevering with your bag, it's a great piece, I love it
    happy stitching

  10. Congrats on persevering with that bag! It does look great!

  11. Hi Janet. TAG! You are it! Come and see!

  12. Hi

    Your bag is lovely, bet you're glad you perservered!
    I love your WIP, it's looking great.
    Your GD is very pretty and wow, what a pair of shoes!!
    I'm in the UK too and I'm praying for my roses every day!
    Happy weekend.

  13. Gorgeous shoes :D she looks so pretty :)
    Ohhh if she likes animals that means she has a big heart =) she will be able to deal with anything that crosses her way, in any pair of shoes ;) hehehehehe

  14. Your bag looks so pretty Janet, gotta love those sheep!
    Great shoes and your GD looks beautiful. Her dress is gorgeous.