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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Autumn is definitely on its way!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well, have you got your winter woollies out yet.  I have!!  The leaves on the trees are starting to change, and it's certainly colder.  I have resisted turning on the central heating so far, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out, I'm resorting to a blanket over my knees when I am cold.  (You can call me 'old granny')

I promised you some photos of the goodies I bought when I went up to Exeter for a craft show at the end of September, we all had a lovely jubbly time (as usual) spent some money I mustn't add it up or it might give me a shock.  So here goes -

I bought this material and ribbon to make a 'pin board' , you know the type where the ribbon will be criss crossed across and you just tuck in any cards or reminders that you want.
There was a lot of material on sale, a lot more sewing supplies this time, more than paper crafting supplies.  Is this a sign of the times, and that because of the financial situation people are making things rather than buying ready made.  I couldn't resist the linen fat quarters. My DH reckons I could set up shop myself!

A good selection of ribbons, plus some silver and gold material, not sure what I can use that for, but I'm sure I will find a use.  I do remember a couple of years ago whilst making a christmas wall hanging I used a similar gold material.

Some more ribbons, linen and 'fiddly bits'.
Here are the patterns I bought,  I shall be starting the bag after I have finished my christmas sewing, June bought a similar pattern but with completely different stitching, mine is more like red work which I love.

I'm not sure if this will be done for this christmas, maybe next year.

I definitely want to make two of these christmas trees one for my DD and one for my DS.  Watch this space. I did buy some other bits and pieces but these were the main ones.
My DH and I have just come back from having lunch at the vineyard here in the village, which was a nice little treat, and of course being in a village you meet up with so many people that you know, which is great.  We met a neighbour there who had given us a David Austin rose for our golden anniversary, she had given us his catalogue and asked us to choose one, so we had a very important discussion about our choice.  Wasn't that a lovely present.
Have any of you started your christmas baking yet?  I keep thinking about it but that is as far as it goes.  I keep looking for bottles of energy in the shops, but they seem to have run out of it.
Thankyou so much for visiting my blog, whether you are a new visitor or a more established visitor (please note I did not say old)  you are most welcome, and I hope you come again.


  1. Oh my Janet!! That is a lot! I especially love the linen fat quarters. We do have our heat on here. Getting cold, cold!

  2. Swooning over here!!!! Great new goodies! Looking forward to seeing your creations!!

  3. Wooooo ! you bought so lovely stash !
    so great, you will make great pieces with all this
    can't wait to see your board and the Xmas trees
    here it's very cold now, and so rainy ! Autumn is really here
    we put the central heating on ! already...
    enjoy all your new supplies
    big hugs

  4. So many wonderful supplies! I especially love those linen fat quarters but all the fabric choices you made are wonderful! Christmas baking? What are you planning to bake?

    1. I usually make christmas puddings, mincemeat for my mince pies, Apricot and Orange chutney, shortbread biscuits, Yule Log. Well that is my intention, the grandchildren help. Wish me luck.

  5. wow! What super stash you purchased, going to exciting coming here to watch you use those beauties up. A girl can never have too many fat quarters lol.

    I have all the ingredients to make,y Christmas cake, but thinking about it is as far as its got... I need a rocket putting 'somewhere' to get me moving!!!

  6. What allot of wonderful goodies. Can't wait to see them all made up into your lovely finishes. hugs.