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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Time in my garden!

I have been trying to catch up with my gardening, but I'm fighting a losing battle, some of the roses have got black spot and rust, but parts of the garden are not looking too bad.  So I thought I would share some photos with you.  If you look on the right hand side of this photo you will see the runner beans my DH planted in a large pot and put amongst these flowers.  I don't know what his idea was as we have plenty of room in the veg garden, but what do I know!

 This is a plant called Dierama 'Merlin' which bought at Hampton Court Flower Show about 2 years ago, this is the first year it has flowered so I am quite pleased with it. It grows to about 5 feet high and loves sun.  How it is flowering after such a lousy summer I just don't know. 

Another picture of my tubs at the front, they are colourful you have to keep checking if they need watering, but it's a nice welcome to any visitors.

I just love these Passion Flowers, some body once told me the story of Christ behind these flowers, but another senior moment as I can't remember it.  They do spread every where you have to be lethal at times and hack it back!

I had a good weekend, my DS was 46 on Sunday so all the family went out for Sunday lunch, we had a carvery and it was delicious, doubly so as I didn't have to cook it, and my DH didn't have to wash up.  I can't believe where the years have gone, it doesn't seem any time ago I was chasing after him for something he had done.  Does this sound familiar?
I think this will be the last time we all meet up before DGD No 2 goes away to Uni.

Enjoyed watching the opening of the Olympic Games, I wish they had had Tom Jones singing at the end instead of Paul McCartney, as he would have got everyone swinging!  If you don't enjoy sport you are in for a tough time at the moment as it is sport, sport and more sport.  I am loving it, but and this is a big BUT I am sat with my sewing and look down to do a stitch and I miss something vital, like a goal or a good shot.
But I am not giving in, my productivity may have dropped a little, I am hanging on in there. 

Up date re: health things, The optician put the wrong numbers on the computer for my left eye hence why it was blurry, new glasses being made.  I had my scan and that's a game as you have to have a full bladder for a kidney scan, what a 'relief' when that was done, no kidney stones were seen, as I was in a lot of pain could I have passed them.  Either that or I really am going doally.  The dentist thinks some dentine has been exposed so I get pain, he has put 'magic' stuff, desensatiser around those teeth (which stopped the pain) and advised me to use Sensodyn toothpaste.  So there you go  I am up and running again.  I checked out the new Hobbycraft shop, lovely jubbly.  I bought a few things, and I shall be back there again very soon. 

Just going to send off my next exchange goodies, I hope my secret partner likes them.  How are you all, busy with sewing and everything else we have to cram into our lives I expect.  My DH has just reminded it is about 5 weeks before our village show so I have to get my act together and finish my entries.  So here I go, so bye for now, and thankyou for visiting my blog, I love hearing from you all and reading your blogs.  Take care!


  1. The passion flower can symbolize the death of Christ. The five sepals and five petals of the flower, which are similar in appearance, represent the disciples without Peter and Judas. The double row of colored filaments, known as the corona, signifies the halo around Christ's head or the crown of thorns. The five stamens and the three spreading styles with their flattened heads symbolize the wounds and the nails respectively. The vines tendrils resemble the whips used to scourge Christ. I found this info Janet, as I couldn't remember it all. :)
    Please email me Janet.
    I would very, very much like your email address okay?

    1. Thanks for reminding me of the story of the Passion Flower. Have emailed you. x

  2. I learnt something today thanks to you and Vickie =D
    That's so great...
    You have wonderful flowers in your garden, with the weather we had..and's a bit difficult to have a lovely garden this year
    I enjoyed the opening ceremony of the OG ! Great Britain can be proud, it's the most wonderful one ever seen !!
    have a nice day
    big hugs

    1. It's a great story about the Passion Flower. The rain is absolutely pouring down again today, who would think it is 1st August. x

  3. Beautiful flowers Janet , your garden is looking just wonderful.
    Oh yes Tom Jones would have been much better I think it's time for Sir Paul to stand down now.
    Enjoying the sports too. hugs.

    1. Thanks June, yes I think it's time Paul Mccartney stood down, he wasn't very good at the Jubilee concert. x

  4. Your flowers look great Janet, my garden is a real mess this year!
    Good to read you will be able to see better with the new glasses and that your pain has lessened with the dentist visit.
    Hapoy stitching and good luck in the show, ours is Sept 8th.

  5. What pretty flowers! The heat and lack of rain has really done my gardens in for the season. I am ready for the cooler fall weather.

  6. Forgot to wish you luck in the show as well!!

  7. Beautiful flowers!! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us :)