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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The weather is so awful, no excuse needed to sit and sew!

It's true, the weather is so dreadful that after all necessary housework and cooking is done, all that you can do is sew, now that is being positive!
  I have finished my picture of anemones, just have to get it framed and that will cost me an arm and a leg.  I hope you like it, and I hope my friend likes it when I give it to her.  She lives in Spain and we are going over to stay in June, but we are only taking hand luggage so I won't be able to have glass in the frame, I know all these rules can be a nuisance (I can't even take a sewing needle on board) but they are for our benefit.
I have even started knitting again, this is a pair of wrist warmers I am making, I am using wool that looks like a fair isle pattern when knitted. 

I have also started sewing a Christmas mat for the table for my DD.  The photo doesn't show clearly the pattern that I have copied on the material, but the following photo shows you a little clearer what it is.  I have appliqued the pieces on then I shall blanket stitch around each piece, there is also lots of embroidery to be done.  I am enjoying it so far!

June and I went to a craft show last Saturday, we were disappointed that there wasn't more sewing supplies, there was lots and lots of card making stuff.  We did manage to find some goodies, photos next time. 

These are the 3 friends that I have been going to craft shows with for years, Pauline and Margaret enjoy card making ,whilst June and I are into our sewing.  We were just having a brief respite before we went back on the hunt.

This is June and I, we are just starting to wilt, but we still had enough energy to make sure we hadn't missed anything.

June kept saying ' I hate having my photo taken,' so a good excuse then for the 3 of us to try and make her laugh by saying things to her!  (We kept it clean - no naughty words) 
We were all absolutely shattered, when we arrived home but great fun.  Our next outing is at the end of April to the Craft Show at Shepton Mallett, I must start saving again.

Thankyou for visiting me blog, in particular any new visitors, it's great fun here in blog land.  Keep warm/cool/dry which ever applies to you.


  1. A beautiful picture for your friend, she'll love it.
    I too a getting organised for next Christmas already. I'm in a S-A-L (Stocking-A-Long) to stitch a Christmas stocking for my granddaughter. Your tablecloth looks excellent.
    Great pic of the 'girls day out' I have heard lots of reports that sewing items are diminishing at these shows and card making is taking over, shame! All the more reason to go to lots and see what they have on offer lol.

  2. That will make a lovely gift Janet. You are being so prepared!! Christmas gifts already. Wow! Good for you.

  3. Beautiful finish! So sad there wasn't more sewing stuff at the show. Looks like you still had fun though!

  4. Lovely flower picture Jan, I am also getting ready for next Christmas , Looking forward to having fun in April, hugs.

  5. Great pictures of friendship I find =D
    your flowers are very beautiful , sure your friend will love
    big hugs

  6. Love the flower.I'm sure your friend will love it.
    Nice pics.Nice that you have like minded friends to go to shows with.Nothing like that over here.

  7. Great finishes, and your tablemat is will look fantastic. I have taken needles on flights to the US and used a Clover thread cutter for cutting my threads. It looks like you all had a great time at the show even though there wasn't a huge amount of stitching materials.

  8. Lovely stitching :) Yeap, bad weather is good to stay at home and stitch! But this weekend I had sun over here.. did everything else but stitching! hahaha :D
    Have a great week sweetie! hugs!!

  9. Oh, how I love these anemones. Such a wonderful gift. Your friend will be thrilled.
    Is tere anything better than staying at home and stitch and sew during a bad weather period? We are having lots and lots of snow at the moment and I'm so looking forward to the weekend when I can stay at home instead of driving to work on slippery roads.