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Thursday, 7 February 2013

I have started gardening!

We had a few nice days when the sun was shining, so out came my secateurs and I started to prune my roses.  I've got most of them done just got a couple of climbers to have a go at.  The ground is still very wet (paddy field wet) that I can't do much more than that.  Thought you may like a couple of photos of flowers to remind us that spring is coming.

This is a window box that I planted up with cyclamens, sorry the photo is not that good, you can see the reflection of the house opposite.

This coming Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, so don't forget to make your pancakes.  I usually just have sugar and lemon juice with mine, but I have bought some maple syrup for something different. 
 I am still stitching my Christmas table centre for my DD, I have appliqued and stitched around each applique with blanket stitches.  Just starting on the embroidery really enjoying doing it.  My theory is that if I start stitching it now it should be ready for Christmas this year.

The other night whilst I was lying in bed trying to sleep I started to think about some of the toys I had as a child (don't ask why)  a kaleidoscope, jigsaw puzzles, snap card game, a John Bull printing set, loads of books, a teddy bear and a g------- (can't say the name), all came to my mind.  I always wanted a doll that cried but never had one and a bike but my parents wouldn't let me have one they said it was too dangerous, as there were too many hills!!  Just think what the children get today. 

I have to go off shopping, when I get chance, to buy some Appletons crewel wool, I have seen a pattern of a cauliflower which is a pin cushion, in the Australian magazine Inspirations. I love this magazine it has some beautiful stitching in it, it lives up to its name as it is inspirational. 

I have to catch up with reading your blogs.  Do you know where the time goes?  You think you are all organised and before you know it that's another week gone, or is that an age thing.  Thankyou for visiting my blog and get your pancake pan out ready, and don't forget to toss them.


  1. I have to tell you Janet that I am not familiar with the pancake tradition for next week.
    Such pretty flowers already! So jealous. It is snowing right now here.

  2. Lovely flowers Janet , so pretty , well there is movement in the garden things are now coming into flower here too.
    Enjoy your pancakes , I love mine with lemon and honey, hugs.
    Oh forgot my mom and dad never let me have a bike , must have been a sign of the times. hugs.

  3. How fun to learn of the pancake tradition. We always call it Fastnacht day because of our German heritage I guess.
    Lovely seeing your flowers ~ too cold here yet to go digging, but I am getting anxious!

  4. Orange and sugar on my pancakes mmm can't wait. I am undecided whether or not to go and watch the Shrovetide football in Ashbourne, depends on the weather I think. I love your daughters
    table centre it will look amazing when it is finished. Melanie xxx

  5. Ho Spring, where are you =)
    when we woke up this morning, we found a white landscape !!
    Snow came back
    your table centre is progressing well
    big hugs

  6. Your window box looks great. Your progress on your Christmas centre piece will surely have it finished on time. I haed the same thought about Christmas last year coming around to Christmas as I was buying gifts for my children and I always wanted a g-------, but we didn't use enough jam or marmalade to save the tokens.

  7. The tablecloth is coming along beautifully.
    I'm looking forward to some colour in the garden again, I bought a bunch of daffodils today to remind me spring is only round the corner and will be here before I know it.

  8. Your flowers look so pretty :)
    Here my garden is starting to bloom too! :D
    Enjoy the weekend :) hugs!!