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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Still merrily stitching!

As it says above still merrily stitching, can't say my needle is whizzing through the air but I am progressing with my christmas project for my DD.  The reindeers now have antlers, tails and ears.  One of them is eating some mistletoe.  And now I am coming on to the more fiddly bits.  I am using stitch and tear on the back, never used it before. I was worried when the material started to pucker (I love that word) but a friend told me that as stitch and tear has no give in it and the material does, that is why you get a pucker!

How do you like the anemone picture now that it has been framed?  Nearly had to take out a mortgage to pay for the framing, but why spoil the ship for a happorth of tar - if you get my meaning!  The great thing about stitching is that you can make a really personal present for a friend, which hopefully they will like.

Do you remember that wall hanging that I am involved with here in the village, well 3 of us had a get together yesterday morning to check each piece that has been sewn, we have 54 pieces!  We then sorted out the layout, it took us all morning and it looked pretty good when we had finished.  Sorry this photo doesn't show all the pieces but it gives you an idea, mine is just above the date on the photo.  We now have to sew it on a piece of calico it will be about 64 inches by 85 inches when finished.  Wish us luck when we come to stitching them all on the calico!
My DS's partner who has never been a keen baker, has really got the baking bug.  She came up a couple of weeks ago, so that I could show her how to make scones, we then progressed to a Victoria Sandwich.  She was thrilled with the end result, she's now made Lemon Drizzle cakes and Chocolate Brownies.  Can't wait to hear what she is cooking this weekend, her family are certainly reaping the benefit.  There is a great resurgence in baking at the moment, which is great as there is no comparison between shop cake and homemade, it's cheaper, tastier and you know exactly what ingredients have gone into your cakes.
I needn't tell you what the weather is doing, it's doing what it is always doing RAIN!  I'm so keen to get out in the garden and do more tidying up, it's really frustrating.  I guess I will just have to be content with staying indoors and sew - not too bad an alternative.
Thankyou for visiting my blog, and welcome to any new visitors.  Be back with you soon.


  1. Your anemone picture is lovely. What an accomplishment the village wall hanging will be!!

  2. Love the anemone picture and your daughters table centre is really coming on. I'm praying for no rain tomorrow so I an venture into the garden. xxx

  3. Great picture, love this flower so much, Your wall hanging is amazing, hugs.

  4. here it rained 'ice' the whole day :-/
    so slippery outside !
    your framing is lovely. Combination of 2 colours for the mounts is really beautiful
    well done on your Xmas project too, it's funny to see the reindeer appearing
    good luck for the stitching of the great calico =)

  5. Your wall hanging looks fantastic. Love your framing on the anemone picture. I love baking and my boys enjoy eating the results.

  6. The reindeers are so cute and i love the frame and mounts that you chose for the anemone.
    Stunning wall hanging thats going to be fantastic. Our stitch group did one for the local school a few years back when the seperate infant and junior schools amalgamated and became a primary school. It hangs in their reception area.

  7. Your framed piece is beautiful!!!
    The hanging is going to be stunning ~ what a project!

  8. beautiful finishes..kiss..iulia

  9. Amazing project! Great work :D