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Friday, 19 July 2013

I plead guilty to neglect!

I have no excuse just pure neglect on my part, I have been busy, but then we are all busy people so I hope you will excuse me. So much to tell you, but most of it will have to wait for another time.

I did finish that Christmas table runner for my dd.

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I hope you like it, and I hope she does!  I've put it away in a safe place, mustn't forget where.
I have just come back from 2 weeks holiday in Spain. I stayed at my d in l father's house in Andolucia, right up in the mountains. The first week it was just me, my dh and my d in l were there on our own looking after the animals (3 dogs and 10 cats) they foster stray animals until they can be found homes.  D in l's parents came to London to see the Summer Art Exhibition and the Pompei Exhibition, so we were the foster carers for a week.  The 2nd week my ds and dd and her hubbie, came out so it was great.  Visited Marabella (to see how the other half live) and Gibraltar.  We all had a smashing time, can't wait to go again.
Here I am with my other half, in Gibraltar.
I just had to show you a photo of apes on Gibraltar, can you see the baby it's a week old.  aaah. I think there are about 200 apes on the rock, and they are all looked after very well.  Make sure your car windows are shut and hold on to your bags, as they are not averse helping themselves to whatever they fancy.
 View of the mountains from the terrace.

 Muppet ( a water dog) joining in the fun.

 Group photograph in Marbella.

Back to reality now, though I think we must have brought some Spanish weather back with us, as it has been in the high 20's up to the 30's.  This is very hot for us here in the UK.  The gardens are struggling, every evening we are out watering.  Though the roses are terrific, the colours seem extra vibrant.  I hope you like the rose I put as my header it is Zephrine Drouhin, and it is thornless!

I have been enjoyed sewing this biscornu, first one I have made, it has tiny beads on it and the thread is variegated.

Now making a needle case using a similar design.

I am also sewing 4 table mats, I have quilted them and I will be using that spotty material to back it.

I hope all of my friends in blog land are well, and having fun in whatever you are up to.  I promise that now I am back in the swing of things I will be back.  Thankfully June gave me a reminder to rejoin blog land, and I am so glad she did.
Take care of you and yours.


  1. I have missed you and inquired your whereabouts with June!
    What a gorgeous rose up top!! I love your pink sneakers too Janet. =)

    1. Thanks Vickie, I have missed you too. I hope you are keeping cool!

  2. Good to see you back Jan, beautiful post lots of lovely stitching and photos, love your Rose too on your header.
    Stay cool.

  3. Looks like a good time had my all.Would love to have my own pool right now. : )

  4. Wonderful to see a post from you Janet, what a super holiday you had.
    Love the table decoration and the place mats will be wonderful.
    I too have Zephrine in my garden, gotta love the scent she gives off, mine is around our seating area.
    Happy crafting!

  5. that's so great to see you back =D
    and with such a post, wow !
    what an amazing table runner you did for Xmas ! really beautiful, even wonderful, I love, and I'm sure your DD will be over them moon
    and you table mats ! great job you did, even if they're not finished they are already beautiful =D
    thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures with us, it seems you had a great time in Spain and I'm happy for you
    congrats on your first biscornu , it's lovely
    don't leave us too long this time =)
    big hugs