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Monday, 5 August 2013

Umbrellas out again.

After all that hot hot weather, here comes the rain again.  The garden is just lapping it all up, and it saves a job in the evening.  Busy dead heading the roses and my sweet peas.  Guess what my Gloriosa Rothschild is flowering for the first time, I am so chuffed.

And here it is, it grown from a small tuber and is a tender plant so I have it in my conservatory.
We went down to the fishing town of Brixham last weekend, my DS lives there, had a walk around there are lots of  little narrow lanes.
Couldn't resist taking this photo of these unbelievably steep steps, but the thing that really surprised me was that hidden behind the chap you can see walking down the steps is an old man climbing up with the help of two sticks - I think he deserves a medal.
My DH loves any seafood especially crab, he just couldn't walk past this stall without buying some.

There is a statue on the quay side of William of Orange who landed here in 1688.


I was a little taken aback by the bottom 2 lines, but I then remembered that a couple of years after he became King he was instrumental in bringing in the Act of Toleration, which meant all religions were to be tolerated. So there you go - your history lesson for today.

As you can see the tide was out!  The big ship is a replica of the Golden Hind which was Sir Francis Drake's ship - even more history.

We had a lovely day there pretending we were holiday makers just for the day!

I haven't done much sewing lately, busy in the garden and other things.  My DGD is a lot better still a little sore, but she is not eating very much which is a worry.  I will have to make some tempting dishes for her, her favourites are Carrot Cake and Chocolate Blancmange.  I will say bye bye for now, thankyou for visiting and I will come back soon.



  1. Beautiful new flower . Great photos i have not been to Brixham this year must do the rounds soon, good to see your GD is getting better.

  2. Better to be coming down those steps than climbing up I would think!
    Thanks for the tour, it looks a lovely place.

  3. Oh I agree with Julie! I could easily go down, but up!! Oh my! Loved the pictures.

  4. Glad to hear your GD is getting better! Thanks for sharing your weekend ~ I love seeing new places!

  5. Enjoyed the stroll along with you...the flower is beautiful

  6. Great pictures of Brixham. Seems that one can spend a very lovely day there. And I must admit that I prefer some cooler weather with some rain to all the heat we were having these past weeks.

  7. William has a strange hat hehehehe =)
    great pictures of seemed to be a very good day
    and we never learn too much history =)
    umbrellas were back here too but it didn't last...hope summer is not finished yet !
    have a great weekend