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Friday, 7 September 2012

Ups and Downs!

Well our Village Show is over for another year, what a busy weekend we had, I was helping in the kitchen (Iknow my place in life) we served heaps of homemade cakes and cream teas and ploughman's lunches, and washed heaps of dishes!!  We were down quite a few entries in the vegetable, fruit and flowers because of the bad weather during the summer.  I'll start with some of the ups.
How about this flower arrangement,

Followed by his Lordship's cake, as you can see he won 3rd prize, there were about 8 entries in this class, can you imagine what their kitchens looked like when these men had finished!!
He also made some Rock Cakes, I tasted a sample and they were quite good, third again!!

I won second prize with thes dahlias.  They are a very dark colour so not easy to see the true colour.

This is the bag that won first prize in this class, as it was made by a friend I didn't mind being beaten by her and she had done it beautifully.  Now for a down I didn't win 1 prize for any of my stitching, they do say it's the taking part that counts not winning.  So they say!!!

Now for some ups, I won first prize with these dahlias.

And I won second prize with the gladioli on the left!

This is another down my entry is the tiny bag in the right hand corner, no prize!

And another my cardigan is the lemon one, no prize!

Now for a laugh, my DH had some surplus shallots and onions, so he entered them under my name, he won and I got second for the shallots -----

And I WON FIRST PRIZE for the onions and beat his into second place!!!!!!  Boy did he get teased, by everyone.

We are off on our holidays now for a couple of weeks, to sunny Malta, so I shan't be around for while.  Apologies for not telling you about my latest exchange, I had some lovely goodies from Edit - will tell you more when I return.  I am beginning to panic, that our suitcases will be too heavy, and have I packed everything.  I just have to help with the garden/craft show tomorrow, in the community centre where we have June's club and then I am off.  So if you wonder why it's gone quiet from this neck of the woods you'll know why.

Good luck to anyone else who has shows to help with or enter in, remember it's all fun.  I'll be back soon with more photos and gossip.  Take care.