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Friday, 26 October 2012

I'm sat here thinking what shall I do next.

I know what I should do, but I am being tempted to start on my Christmas sewing.  No!!  I must be strong and finish off this quilt, it's not a full size quilt just big enough to lie along the bottom of the bed, I only have to finish sewing the 'binding' and then I can start my Christmas sewing with a clear conscience.

I should finish it tonight, and then I have the whole weekend to sort out Christmas patterns, I have to decide which one to sew for Lainey's next exchange, and get all the 'ingredients' organised.  I love that bit as you have go through your stash of stuff and very often you find something you had forgotten about.  My DH tells me if I never went to another craft show or shop I would have enough stock to last me for ever.  What does he know.
Some of you have been asking what I bake for Christmas, here goes - I start with Christmas puddings (as they have to mature), maybe a Christmas cake, pickled onions, mincemeat for my mincepies, I usually make the pies and freeze them raw, so they can be eaten fresh from the oven.  Stollen which I freeze, shortbread biscuits and Orange and Apricot Chutney.  The grandchildren used to help make and decorate a chocolate cake and a gingerbread house, but now they are all older they may not be interested - lol!  All I have to do is get motivated.
I still have some daffodil and tulip bulbs to plant, but as it's turned a lot colder this weekend they will have to wait a few days longer.  The garden is looking a little sad at the moment everything closing down for the winter.  Fortunately my DH did take some of the more tender plants into the greenhouse or our tiny conservatory so hopefully they will be snug. I am seriously thinking about turning on the central heating to keep us snug.
I hope you are all keeping warm or cool, depending where you live in the world.  It's has been smashing being with you again, I hope you have enjoyed your visit, just drop me a line I love to read your comments.  Bye for now!


  1. Beautiful quilt Janet, that will keep you snug and warm.
    With this cold weather coming we can sit and stitch. hugs

  2. Oh the quilt is lovely Janet. Very nice colors. My, oh my, you bake a LOT! My husband says the same thing!! ;)

  3. I love the quilt and the colors are so soothing. You best get started on that baking!

  4. There really has been a nip in the air this past weekend, your quilt will keep you nice and snug. The heatings on here and i've spent the morning stithcing, thats a rare treat on a Sunday morning lol. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. So what did you decide on? Did you finish the quilt? It's beautiful, by the way!! I missed the sign up for the Christmas exchange because my Mom is in the hospital. I can't wait to see all the pictures when it's over!!

    The Stamper's Stitches

  6. what a lovely quilt Janet, the colours are perfect together and it seems so waaaaarm =)
    Here we had snow this weekend !!
    But it didn't stay