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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Guess what - it's raining again!!

I just can't believe it , but it has been raining for days and there is more promised.  Where is it all coming from.  I've just had a look at the photos of our holidays in Malta to remind what sunshine is, would you share a few more peeks at them with me.


These flowers will cheer us all up!

Can you see the pussy cat?  As were walking around these gardens I kept seeing little piles of dried cat food, they obviously want to look after the cats that live there, one way of keeping the mouse population under control.

A pomegranate tree, makes me think of Christmas, we always used to have them then as a treat.

This was taken in a fishing village called Marsaxxlok, had a fantastic market there.
Hope you enjoyed these flowers.

This DH with my DD at our surprise (shock) party for our Golden Wedding Anniversary, there were so many friends and family there, I don't know how they kept it a secret.  Even June and my other friends who had been at a craft show all day with me kept mum.  It was a lovely evening.
Here we are with a large photo of the actual wedding day, so much has happened during these 50 years, I can't believe where the time has gone.

 Now  how's about this for a cake, we have gardening for my DH on one side and stitching on the other.  Some bright spark asked if that was bridge over troubled waters!! 
I hope you have enjoyed meeting up again, next time I have photos of my buys at the craft show,  we had a fab time lots of goodies.
I am busy at the moment finishing off my latest exchange (hallowe'en), so I must be quick.
Take care until we meet again.  If I could I would cut a slice of cake for each of you.


  1. Oh Janet your photo's are lovely, I can't wait to go there one year.
    Your cake is so fab, how lovely someone has a great talent.
    I need to see a larger photo of your wedding you both look so young.
    Enjoy our rainy week hugs.

  2. Wonderful pictures Janet,thank you for sharing them. What a cake! Wow!♥

  3. Lovely photos Janet and what a wonderful idea for your cake. Enjoy the time that it's raining, it's a good excuse to sit and stitch. x

  4. Such beautiful photos! I especially like the one of you & your husband holding your wedding photo. What a great couple you were then & are now : ) That cake is making me very hungry!

  5. Lovely photos from your trip! Great photo of you and your husband. Your cake is wonderful ~ very ceative and I am sure it was tasty!

  6. ho my ! this cake is a piece of art ! the person who did it is an artist =)
    you shared great pictures with us
    Malta seems to be a great place to go
    We were supposed to go there some years ago but I was afraid of a too hot weather for me so we decided to go to Madeira =)
    it's a wonderful place too =)

  7. congratulations on your wedding anniversary... gorgeous photos of you both and that cake is truly a work of art ... and love the wise cracked joke
    lovely photos of malta too :)
    love mouse xxxx

  8. Great photos Janet, love your Wedding one. Congratulations to you both on your 50 years together. The cake is fabulous. Hugs.

  9. A very clever cake, brilliant and such a beautiful pic of you and hubby, you look very, very happy.well done to all your family and friends for keeping the secret.
    The bird if paradise photo is lovely.