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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Why my DH is baking a cake!!

It's our Village Show this weekend, and there is a class for men's baking, he's suddenly decided he's going to enter.  He has the recipe for a chocolate cake, I've got everything out for him, switched on the oven, lined the cake tins told him the order of things (even though everything is clearly stated).  I've left him in the kitchen but he keeps coming in and asking is this right - what do I do now.  So keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well, and that the kitchen doesn't burn down. MEN!!
 Anyway DH and myself are going to have busy weekend as we are both on the committee so we have to help set it all up, and generally help with everything else.  I have to make 2 coffee walnut cakes for the teas, but I'll do that tomorrow.  I'll take some photos for you to see, but I think the number of entries will be down because of the dreadful weather this summer.
I have finished this competition piece that June set us in our club, made a little cushion from it.  I'm not sure if I like the blue pom poms, too late now they are all sewn on, but I'm getting used to it, and think it is quite cute. 

 This is the back, I bought the material on one of the trips to Shepton Mallett that June, I and two other friends make once a year, we have been visiting this craft show for quite a few years.  We always find something new and different to buy.  We are due to go to another show in Exeter at the end of September, we've been doing this for years and thoroughly love it.

I have finished this other piece, it's a little bag by Polstitchers, they suggest using it for needles, this is the front, followed by the back and when it is open.  I enjoyed doing it, but I'm glad it's finished. 

I have started cross stitching some little pressies for Christmas, time and tide wait for no man or woman, so I've started.  I guess that when I come back from holidays I shall start making Christmas puddings and mincemeat, I don't know if I shall make a Christmas cake or not, but what ever they all need time to mature.

He (DH) has just come in 'can I check the cake is cooked' well it is.It looks and smells good, He just has to get it out of the tins and on to the cooling rack without breaking it!

Back to Christmas, I reckon when I come back next time, I'm coming back as a man at Christmas time, as it is hard work for a woman all the cooking , shopping, cleaning, cards and wrapping presents, or it is in my home.  Where did I go wrong?

Thankyou for visiting my blog, love hearing from you, apologies for still not getting the reply bit sorted out yet.  Have fun!


  1. Your competition piece is lovely! The colors are great. The pocket/needle case is very beautiful.
    I have noticed also that a woman's work is never done!

  2. What a delightful post! I enjoyed reading it very much! Your stitchings are lovely & I hope you come back from the fair with a prize : ) Your Christmas & your DH sound like mine although my DH would never in a billion years attempt to bake a cake. If he did, it would go as your experience did. You are right ... MEN!!! Have fun at the fair & best of luck to you & your DH on your entries! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos : )

  3. Wow Janet, you did a great job on your stitching, and tell DH I can smell his cake from here.

    Hope you both win, We have our show next week so I am entering Summer Garden, and Ron will enter a Rose ( we hope )
    and tomatoes if there are any left, ha.

  4. Good luck with the show, i know all the hard work that goes into that with being on the committee for ours. Fingers crossed for a 1st place rosette for DH and his cake.
    The little cushion is beautiful, i like the pom pom edging, its funky.
    Loving the Polstitches little pocket, that is adorable and so pretty, first time i have seen this one made up.
    I'm away in September so i'll be thinking Christmas goodies when i get back too.

  5. Love both of your projects!! How funny about your husband and the cake!

  6. Both your works are very pretty but I have to say that I loooove the buttons on the second piece :D Adorable! Lovely birds and flowers!!! =) Well done sweetie!! :D

  7. awwww ! your little bag is absolutely lovely !
    I love the idea of having embroidery everywhere =D
    it's a very great piece, a treasure =)
    your cushion is so romantic too !
    you have been a very busy bee doing great pieces, bravo =)
    big hugs

  8. Love how your little bag turned out.
    Can't wait to found out how hubbys cake went.Or did you all eat it all before it got to the show?. ;)