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Saturday, 6 October 2012

So much has happened in the last few weeks

I just cannot believe how much has been crammed into these weeks, my DH and I have been on holiday in lovely Malta for two weeks, followed by a surprise party for our Golden Wedding Anniversary, but I should start at the very beginning!!

First of all this lovely package of goodies I received from Edit, for the Tea Party Exchange, I still have to try the recipe she sent me.  It looks delicious.

Our club had a great afternoon at the show, we raised more money for the Dementia Society, and June showed a beautiful selection of mostly her stitch craft, there were lots of compliments, and we had 2 or 3 ladies interested in joining the club.
I rushed home from the show as the family were having a farewell meal (at the village pub) for our DGD No 2 before she went off to Uni.  Here we have DH giving her a cuddle - aaah!
Then home to finish packing, our plane left Bristol airport in the early hours of the morning, my DS and his partner were driving us up, we had to leave home at 2am to get to the airport on time.  No sleep that night, we were on automatic pilot, exhausting but worth it.
Our first day there we spent quietly, just opposite the hotel is a 'natural' park full of olive trees and flowers.  I took the following two photos for my american friends they have named part of it Kennedy Grove, the words are as always appropriate.
The next day we visited Medina, a beautiful city, it's called the silent city.  The streets are so narrow, it has a great restaurant, delicious cakes!  Great views from its outer walls, as it is so high up on the island.

Lots of these horse drawn carriages, I watched a rather well built lady trying to get in one, in the end her husband and the driver had to lift and then push her in!  The poor horse just turned his head and watched, guess what he was thinking!

 Can't remember where we were this day, but it was hot and the sea really is this blue.

This is part of San Anton gardens (the Presidents palace) the trees and flowers were breathtaking, there were so many I didn't recognise.  The picture below is of the herb garden, when we first walked in there the perfume from the Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme was so strong, took your breath away.  Whilst we were here resting in the shade a gardener came and sat with us, he offered to make us a cup of tea in his hut, the people in Malta are as friendly as they say in the travel books.  Everywhere we went they chatted to you and made us feel so welcome, and it is an advantage speaking english.

Now the most important piece of business on the agenda, I found a great shop in Valletta.  I looked and looked, eventually found a shop but it was siesta time, no problem I will come back another day.  Fine if you can remember where it was, lots of little streets in Valletta (great city full of interesting things) found it on our last day.  It looks nothing on the outside, but when you go in it is like the Tardis, it was full of lace, ribbons and braids all widths and designs, everything you could possibly desire to finish off a piece of stitching.  The owners were so knowledgeable about their stock.  If ever you are in Valletta visit this shop, you won't regret it.  My only regret I didn't stay longer and buy more.
We had a fantastic holiday, I can recommend Malta for a holiday.  But I have bored you enough with holiday snaps.  I will tell you about our Golden Wedding anniversary and the day out with June and friends to the craft show in my next blog.  Thankyou for coming by I have enjoyed chatting to you, so please visit again.  Take care.


  1. Oh, not boring at all Janet. How wonderful. And gorgeous! Good for the two of you.♥

  2. Your holiday snaps are beautiful June, sounds like you had a perfect time.
    Good luck to your granddaughter at Uni, I hope she settles in well and enjoys it.

  3. Wishing your GD good luck!
    Thank you for sharing about your trip! It certainly looks and sounds like a wonderful place to visit!

  4. Looks like you had a great time :D beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your pics with us :)
    And lovely exchange parcel!! I loooove that Cupcake fabric =) and the stitched piece is so pretty :)

  5. it can't be nowhere else than in paradise =D
    Thanks for sharing those great pictures with us, you didn't bored us at all =)